Florida Conference WMS Districts

                                 Quincy / Monticello District   

                                              Tallahassee District 

                                             Marianna District       

                                          Pensacola District

The WMS Women's History Program is avaialbe in the Resources Section * The Combined Reports for the WMS & YPD is in the Rresources Section * To request that event items be added to the calendar, please send to updates@the-mint.net * To all WMS members in the Florida Conferene...please review the Coronavirus link .

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               Mary Silva,

FL Conference WMS President.

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              Beryl Wood

FL Conference YPD President.

Bishop Michael Leon Mitchell

    Chair Global Witness & Ministry

 As women called to discipleship to grow in knowledge and experience of God through Jesus Christ, committed to support the mission of the church, and empowered by the Holy Spirit, we are challenged to help one another engage in ministry and action, and grow and respond in faith to God's redemptive plan for the church, the society and the world.

Join us as we strive in Christ to Improve, Global Health, Healing, Hope and Human Dignity.

Dr. Debra Taylor-King

WMS Connectional President